Benjamin Tiven

Technical Furniture / Displacement Instrument, 2014, Archival Inkjet Print, 73x61cm (c) Benjamin Tiven

Synthetic Spectra

At Büchsenhausen Benjamin Tiven is working on a research and production project set around the graphic economy of televisual media. At its center is a long-format exploratory film prompted by the text Economy of the Unlost by the Canadian poet and essayist Anne Carson, with dialog in German and Greek. The film will be shot chiefly in Athens, in the facilities of the public media channel ERT. While avoiding a documentary re-telling of ERT’s tumultuous recent past, the film will use this particular studio as a scenography within which to translate this text into a cinematic production. This project continues to elaborate the political, technological, and economic dimensions of public media; the aesthetics of television when applied to cinema; and the imagined narration of real events.

Benjamin Tiven is an American filmmaker and writer. Recent exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Delfina Foundation, London; 1/9unosunove gallery, Rome, and Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster. Films screened at the Viennale, FIDMarseille, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, and Arsenale Cinema, Berlin. Recent publications: Scrim Sinews (Cura Books, 2015), and contributions to the journals Triple Canopy, Bidoun, and Bulletins of the Serving Library.