Eva Egermann circle with dashed border

Takes on the Crip Magazine

In her research-based practice, Egermann works with oppositional practices, assimilations, social movements and pop cultures linked to deviance, abnormality, illness and disability. She works with examples from various times and … more

Stefan Hayn circle with dashed border

Deliberations on Children's Film

In Büchsenhausen Hayn would like to undertake a critical examination of contemporary premises and manifestations behind the visual narrative for children in various media – film, television, (audio-) book, Internet. … more

Kerstin Schroedinger circle with dashed border

Sonic Chemicals – Chromatic Pharmaceutics

Continuing her research into the historical and material conditions of analogue film, Schroedinger’s project in Büchsenhausen starts out with the history of the chemicals industry and in particular the pharmaceuticals … more

Vladislav Shapovalov circle with dashed border

Image Diplomacy

Image Diplomacy investigates the specific functions of the image in the system of political culture. The project intends to bring to light certain historic aspects of constructing the political-imaginary of … more

Vladislav Shapovalov in conversation with Andrei SiclodiArtist TalkIn the frame of the Premierentage 2016 Andrei Siclodi (curator)…moreVisual Cold WarLectureStarting from the early 1920s, cinema and international film festivals…more