Kata Hinterlechner & Bosko Gastager

The image-creating premises in Kata HINTERLECHNER‘s artistic works are reduction, relationships and dialogue. Starting out from an anthropological image concept, the artist works on various cycles, which operate with found … more

Katharina Cibulka

“One of man’s special gifts is that he can make himself into the object of reflection. People can think about and communicate who they are, how they would or would … more

Maria Walcher

In her artistic work Maria Walcher often takes up site-specific and socio-political themes. She sees art as a medium of communication, which makes it possible for her to address sensitive … more

Stephan Pirker

In his artistic work Stephan Pirker develops sound objects, for example, which are generally presented in a context of performance. His starting point here is a close affinity to nature … more

Nora Schöpfer

Benjamin Zanon