BAPhL – Büchsenhausen Analog Photo Lab

The Büchsenhausen Analog Photo Lab (BAPhL) provides equipment, a darkroom, and the materials to process black-and-white and color film photography from negative development to medium-size paper prints in black and white or color. (The equipment for making color prints is in preparation). Thus we provide in Büchsenhausen a unique offer in Innsbruck for artists as well as ambitious analog photography enthusiasts!



The BAPhL is equipped with all necessary utensils, machines, and chemistry for the development of black and white films as well as exposure and development of paper prints.

Film development:

All film formats from 35mm film to medium and large format film (up to 4×5) can be developed in black and white as well as in color and also reversal films (slide films).

Prints of B&W negatives:

  • 35mm film
  • medium format film (6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7)
  • large format film (4×5)

The BAPhL is equipped with three enlargers:

  • Kaiser System-V VPM 9005 Multigrade for B&W prints of 35mm film processed in split grade
  • Durst Laborator 138 for B&W prints of medium and large formats processed in split grade
  • Kaiser VCP 3500 Professional Color for color and B&W prints of 35mm film

Other equipment:

The large washbasin can be used for washing negatives in the developing tank as well as paper in the tray.

In the lab of the Künstler:innenhaus (large room on the 1st floor), there is a JOBO CPP2 machine with lift, which can be used for developing color negatives or color prints. This machine can also be used upon reservation. Without exception, it can only be used after a detailed introduction or after participation in a half-day workshop!


The BAPhL is only available upon reservation!

To be able to use the BAPhL, you must have participated in an introductory course. If you are interested, please contact baphl[at]

You can either purchase chemistry, paper, and films from us or bring them with you. Unfortunately, it is not possible to store paper or chemistry in the photo lab!


BAPhL introductory course
with Daniel Jarosch

This course is an introduction to the infrastructure of the analog photo lab at Künstler:innenhaus Büchsenhausen. Participants are asked to bring an exposed black and white film (35mm or 6×6 medium format). In the workshop, we will develop the film and make prints with the lab equipment. The lab can then be used independently (after payment of an annual fee). Participation in this course is a prerequisite for using the lab.

Course fee: 50€

NEW DATE (maximum number of participants: 3-4):
Sat 20.04.24
14:00 (until approx. 18:00)

The fee includes chemistry and photo paper used in the workshop. Please bring an exposed black and white film!

Registration at baphl[at]


An annual fee of EUR 70,00 (members of the Künstler:innen Vereinigung Tirol: EUR 60,00) must be paid to Künstler:innenhaus Büchsenhausen for using the BAPhL.

Single use: EUR 20,00

Price list chemistry/paper: upon request