Franz Kapfer – Für Gott, Kaiser und Vaterland.

For God, Kaiser, and Fatherland.
Roger M. Buergel and Andrei Siclodi

Appeared in the series Büchs’n’Books — Art and Knowledge Production in Context
Volume 5
With texts by Andrei Siclodi, Roger M. Buergel

Editor: Andrei Siclodi
Published in cooperation with Folio Verlag
First published in 2011
German and English, 64 pages
EUR 19,90

ISBN: 978-3-85256-544-6

What significance does the commemoration of war heroes of the Enlightenment or of the Habsburg monarchy have today? The work group Für Gott, Kaiser und Vaterland (For God, Kaiser, and Fatherland.), by the artist Franz Kapfer, is research on this topic configured as a staging of set pieces from monuments to the struggles between Enlightenment and Restoration. In doing this, it is about a two-pronged critique: on the one hand, a critique of the ideological freight of identity-producing symbols and their instrumentalization; on the other hand of the trivializing way of dealing with these in our consumer society.