Art Workers Café

(for paid and unpaid exploited people)

Inspired by Interndinner’s Zero Euro Dinner for Zero Euro Labour Power, cultural workers spent a few relaxed but structured hours eating, drinking and exchanging various theories and approaches to organizing the “cultural” labor struggle. Input was provided by Jens Strandberg, Ana de Almeida, Julia Tirler, Anke Dyes, Jakub Vrba and Kevin Dooley.

Kevin DOOLEY (*1983 in Hastings/UK) lives and tries to work in Vienna. His work history includes six years in a supermarket, butchery, teaching, city tours and translating. He has an ever-increasing student debt of £12,500 (as of July 2013). Dooley spends a lot of time in the unemployment office. His work on the project Art Workers Inquiry, Part II: Spectres, part of his first-ever artist-in-residence program, felt like a holiday from unemployment with reduced wages. After visiting a political therapist and a relationship counselor, Dooley decided to be more polygamous and to focus on unionizing as a form of therapeutic empowerment.

Jens Strandberg works as an artistic janitor in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently involved in a research project he calls Overhead and Behind— Three Joint Learning Exercises. These exercises include lessons in Working Conditions, The Refusal of Objects and Disturbing Distribution. Overhead and Behind is described as a socially engaged, non-linear heuristic DIY, learning-by-doing performance of research. The overall theme is to tackle questions around the “body of work”, i.e. the role of the “body” and “body-politics” in relation to work-processes, labor, products and commodities.

Interndinner (Ana de Alemida, Cana Bilir-Meier, Anke Dyes, Julia Tirler, Jakub Vrba et al.) is a research project that aims to clarify the actual amount and quality of labor produced by unpaid and underpaid workers (so-called interns) in the cultural field. It was conceived in the context of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and focuses on analyzing work executed by interns and the social impact and significance of this labor to cultural production and mediation in Vienna.


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