Crip Magazine Convention

Crip Art Resources


Fri 02 June 2017 18.00–21.00
Launch of Crip Magazine #2
Crip Art Resources

Sat 03 June 2017 13.00–18.30
Panel discussions, network meeting


On Friday, 2 June, and Saturday, 3 June 2017 Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen hosts the Crip Magazine Convention at the Innsbruck Kunstpavillon of Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft, within the framework of the exhibition Looking at the present through rear-view mirrors on the occasion of the publication of the 2nd Edition of the Crip Magazine.

The two-day event, organised by this year’s Fellow of Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Eva Egermann, addresses the relevance of alternative portrayals of illness and disability in art, youth culture and the everyday world, and inquires into representations and a visual culture of crip subjects.

Crip Magazine is a self-published magazine, and a collection of materials on crip issues, art and cultural production, and representations opposing the conditions of normality/abnormality. The contributions are dedicated to crip pop culture, art and radical social movements, deal with the issue of pain, or open up a transformative perspective on body issues and physical social relationships. A change of perspective permits alternative interpretations, image productions and encodings.

Contributions Crip Magazine #2:
Franz Artenjak, Doris Arztmann, Sabian Baumann, Drew Danielle Belsky, Magazin Bunt, Diedrich Diederichsen, Eva Egermann, Petra Fuchs, Roland Gaberz, Bosko Gastager, Kata Hinterlechner, Petra Kuppers, Brooke Lanier, Elisabeth Magdlener, Neil Marcus, Sigi Maron, Lisa Max, Alyson Patsavas, Paula Pfoser, PRO21 Kampfassistenz, Robert Rotifer, Herbert Schinko, Volker Schönwiese, Katherine Sherwood, Philmarie Theatdaggres, Michael Turinsky and Anna Voswinckel


Barrier-free access is provided. If you need more information or require an interpreter (sign language / audio / speech-to-text / plain language), please contact us directly.


Event details:

Friday 02 June 2017 18.00–21.00

 · Presentation of Crip Magazine #2
Eva Egermann together with Doris Arztmann, Sabian Baumann, Elisabeth Magdlener and Volker Schönwiese

 · Author reading
Philmarie Theatdaggres
Crippled short texts from his/her “attempted literary coups d’état”

 · Screening
Iris Borovčnik
(Short film, 16 min., 2016. German, English subtitles)

Followed by:

 · DJ-line
Ian Thym, Jonah I. Garde, Eva Egermann

Saturday 03 June 2017 13.00–18.30

 · Panel discussions, network meeting
The second day of the Crip Magazine Convention will assemble authors, artists and activists for a series of talks. Content-related motifs will be developed, and possibilities explored to continue Crip Magazine as a non-commercial artistic platform.

Doris Arztmann, Iris Borovčnik, Felix Balzer, Sabian Baumann, Eva Egermann, Jonah I Garde, Simon Harder, Astrid Kury, Elisabeth Magdlener, Philmarie Theatdaggres, Lisa Pfahl, Sascha Plangger, Cornelia Renggli, Volker Schönwiese, Cordula Thym et. al


The event will be held with kind support from Pro Helvetia – Schweizer Kulturstiftung.


Eva Egermann (*1979 in Vienna, Austria, grew up in the Burgenland) is an artist living in Vienna. She has worked within a wide range of media and collaborations (e.g. with Manoa Free University). Besides numerous artistic projects, she has produced publications (e.g. Regime. Wie Dominanz organisiert und Ausdruck formalisiert wird or Class Works) and projects as curator (e.g. 2 or 3 Things we’ve learned. Intersections of Art, Pedagogy and Protest or On Uncanny States and Bodies). She was part of the research group of Model House. Mapping Transcultural Modernisms, Visiting Researcher at U.C. Berkeley in the winter semester 2014/15, and is writing her doctorate as part of the PhD-in-Practice-Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her work was awarded the Theodor Körner Prize 2015 for Science and Art, and endorsed in the category Interdisciplinarity in the context of the Outstanding Artist Award 2016.

Iris Borovčnik studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna. Her work includes e.g. mediation projects between politics and poetry in collaboration with CLUB Havera. In 2016 she received the award of the Akademie for her thesis film HYPER HYPER ICH-Id. She lives and works in Vienna.

HYPER HYPER ICH-Id. deals with questions about the self of non-normative subjects in the age of neoliberalism, thus at a time when concepts of subject and identity are influenced to a large extent by promises of independence that have become imperatives: be yourself!, be what you want to be! It is about self-presentation, constructing identity, attributions, experiencing discrimination, and difficulties in forming alliances.

Philmarie Theatdaggres: Author, theatre maker and reader (poetry slams, stage readings, left-wing autonomous political events and occasional solo readings) from Innsbruck; founder of the theatre group “Theater der Aggressionen”; organizer of the semi-annually political stage reading “attempted literary coups d’état”; publications in various magazines; is in a wheelchair and also otherwise differs from the physical norm (this is important to know in order to better understand his/her texts).


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