included, among other things, excerpts from Les Enfants (1984) by Marguerite Duras, produced in collaboration with Jean Mascolo and Jean Marc Turine.

“Last summer, in Paris, I read Le Camion by Marguerite Duras—a film in which the screenplay is read out rather than filmed: a screenplay that perhaps only pretends to be one and a film that perhaps only pretends to be a film. Following my arrival in Innsbruck, I found a dissertation on the Ort der Frau in Literatur und Film am Beispiel von Duras’ ‘Les Enfants’ (en.: Site of Woman in Literature and Film Using Duras’s ‘Les Enfants’ as an Example). A few days later, I met Ms. Gamper in the glass cube of the university.

We spoke, speak about repeating motifs related to children in Duras and also about Ernesto, the seven-year-old in an adult’s body.”

Achim Lengerer

Achim LENGERER is an artist based in Berlin and Amsterdam. In his work he deals with questions of language, which he realizes in performances or in installations. He has initiated several collaborative projects including Freitagsküche in Frankfurt and Berlin and voiceoverhead, a collaboration with artist Dani Gal. He has been running Scriptings, a traveling exhibition space and publishing house, since 2009. Scriptings functions as a discursive platform, building on and running parallel to Lengerer’s projects. Scriptings is open to artists, writers, graphic designers, performers and publishers—all those who make use of “script” and “text” formats in their respective production processes.

Gabriele GAMPER lives in Innsbruck and works as a teacher and assistant lecturer at the University of Innsbruck. Her research focuses on feminist French literature and cultural studies.


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