At Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Ursula Hansbauer and Wolfgang Konrad screened their award-winning film Forst, a documentary made in collaboration with Ascan Breuer and co-produced by Glim (Andreas Berger), Julia Lazarus, Ben Pointecker and wr. The film was awarded the prize for best documentary at the 2005 Diagonale.

Forst is a portrait. The documentary shows a forest in the middle of Europe, far from the urban world and from civilization. It is home to a peculiar community of the banished—a world for the stranded. A diffuse but still total-control system ensures that this world remains invisible, that it doesn’t pop up in our reality and become a disturbance. In Forst, the banished proclaim their own truth and tell the story of their empowerment. They slowly recall their identity as political refugees and start to make plans for their escape… Shot on black and white 16mm film, the film was made in cooperation with the refugees, who mostly play themselves […]”
Hansbauer & Konrad

Ursula HANSBAUER (*1973 in Salzburg) and Wolfgang KONRAD (*1974 in Graz) are visual artists and filmmakers who live and work in Vienna. Both studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (class of Renée Green). Their collaborative projects include, among others: Forst (2004, film, prizewinner at Diagonale 2005), Niemandsland (2005, exhibition at Galerie 5020 Salzburg) and Koloniale Saat (2008, exhibition at MUSA, Vienna).


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