How to Do Things with Worlds, 1

Concluding his three-month residency at Büchsenhausen, Ralo Mayer presented the result of his artistic study of models and miniatures with How to Do Things with Worlds, 1 a performative space and installation that Philip K. Dick might have described thus: “I probably do that every time I write: analyze the universe to see what it consists of. In my stories, the floorboards of the universe are visible.”

In the announcement about the event Ralo Mayer wrote: “i.e.: scrutinizing countless settings in which people build models to scrutinize and manipulate them. And finally, one has to simplify these investigations again, focus on few elements that can depict the whole, so that you can scrutinize it, like from above. So picture yourself in an empty basement, once filled with a model train setup. Or an unfinished film set of a basement with a model train layout. At least that’s what the storyboard sketches would suggest. Or the presentation of a story about models, itself a model story, in a modelling room, built as a model. Recursivity is a main feature of models, something we knew even before Rutherford and Bohr depicted the atom as miniature solar system. And every model is a sketch: abstracted, produced, interpreted.”

How To Do Things with Worlds, 1 was realized with the support of Egger Floor Products.

Ralo MAYER (*1976) lives and works in Vienna. Mayer is an artist whose performative investigations into post-Fordist science fiction, the history of space travel and multi-dimensional geometries generally lead to translation monsters oscillating between installation, film and text.


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