jumping printing – competition 018: ski jump printing competition

by Stephan PIRKER

Stephan Pirker, jp-analysator-Collage (photos: Daniel Jarosch, Stephan Pirker).

Art machines and machine art. Fastened to a ski jump simulator developed for training purposes, artist and ski jumpers will aim in the direction of a white canvas from a maximum of 3 metres above ground. The jumping skis have been prepared in advance using acrylic paint, so that each landing will be preserved as a print.

Eight against eight will be the motto at 5 pm on 5th October in Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, when ski jumpers and artists will make up opposing teams. Both the flight position on the rope and when landing, as well as the placing of the print, its colour and clarity of definition will all comprise part of the score awarded by the five ski jump judges. As they are on the large hill jump, both team and individual competitions will be realized in two rounds with a K-point at 120m.

In short: be there!

An event in context of MADE IN BÜCHSENHAUSEN.

Stephan PIRKER

In his artistic work Stephan Pirker develops sound objects, for example, which are generally presented in a context of performance. His starting point here is a close affinity to nature and winter sports.
In 2006/7, at the University of Lapland – Art, Rovaniemi/ FIN, he fulfilled a long-entertained childhood dream by learning the art of ski-jumping. Ski-jumping with all its facets is a continuing theme in Pirker’s work.
Stephan Pirker was born in Innsbruck on 23.12.1971. After graduating from the College of Engineering (1990) and Nursing College (1999) Pirker studied Sculpture and Transmedia Space (2002-09) and Experimental Design (2009-13) at the University of Art in Linz. In his artistic work, Stephan Pirker develops e.g. sound objects, which are usually presented in a performative context. The starting point is his close ties to nature and winter sports. At the University of Lappland – Art, Rovaniemi/ FIN he fulfilled his long-time childhood dream and learnt the art of ski jumping (2006/07). Ski jumping with all its facets is a continuing theme in Pirker’s work.

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

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