Models for the Script

Achim Lengerer displayed booklets, posters and mockups for his instant publication series Scriptings and the single sheet publication Two New Models for Rehearsing the Script, conceived and designed for the magazine displayer (ed. Wilfried Kuehn and Doreen Mende) in collaboration with graphic designer Paul Gangloff.

The event was supported by Dinkhauser Kartonagen.

Achim LENGERER is an artist based in Berlin and Amsterdam. In his work he deals with questions of language, which he realizes in performances or in installations. He has initiated several collaborative projects including Freitagsküche in Frankfurt and Berlin and voiceoverhead, a collaboration with artist Dani Gal. He has been running Scriptings, a traveling exhibition space and publishing house, since 2009. Scriptings functions as a discursive platform, building on and running parallel to Lengerer’s projects. Scriptings is open to artists, writers, graphic designers, performers and publishers—all those who make use of “script” and “text” formats in their respective production processes.

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