Pandora’s Box – Inverted Narratives and Pleasures

Isidora Ilić’s talk and commented film screening of Jane Campion’s movie In the Cut explored central tenets in feminist film theory such as mechanisms of representation, identification, pleasure and narrative from a feminist perspective.

Isidora Ilić writes: “Film is a representative and signifying practice that contributes to producing, constituting and maintaining subjectivity, so it cannot avoid an ideological dimension. The space of film includes not only the space of text and image, but also a critical space of analysis and signification that includes and relies on the viewer. Feminist film theory questions female characters on film and women as spectators within these frames.”

The film In the Cut (2003), written and directed by Jane Campion and advertised as “an erotic thriller”, was discussed as exemplifying a particular deconstruction in the treatment of female characters in narrative film.

Isidora ILIĆ is a film/video artist living in Belgrade. She studied comparative literature and literature theory at the University of Belgrade, women’s and gender studies at Belgrade Women’s Studies Center and attended the Film School of AFC at Students City Cultural Center Belgrade. Her work is based on practices of experimental film, performance art and art theory. The spectator often plays a key role in her works, and multilayered or fragmented structures aim to engage and enable further creation. She is co-founder of the artist group Doplgenger.

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