Pathographies in Films #1 – Still/Here

Bill T. Jones’ 1994 choreography Still/Here was an exploration and meditation on survival, life and art through dance and music. Initially developed through workshops with individuals facing life-threatening illnesses, the piece was ultimately performed by healthy dancers. Its “pathographic” subject matter sparked controversy in the cultural community nonetheless, triggering a vibrant public debate on the status of so-called “victim art” in North America. This presentation examined both the creative process leading to Still/Here and the grounds for its controversial reception.

Tamar TEMBECK is an art historian, writer and performer based in Montreal. She completed her PhD in art history at the McGill University in Montreal with the dissertation Performative Autopathographies: Self-Representations of Physical Illness in Contemporary Art. Since 2003, Tamar Tembeck has also been working as a therapeutic artist with Dr. Clown in Montreal hospitals, long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centers.


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