Queer Politics in Culture and Arts: The Case of Belgrade

Ivana Marjanović presented the preliminary results of her project Artistic/Cultural Disobedience: A Perspective of the Struggles Towards Social and Political Rearticulation as a work in progress. The presentation centered on an analysis of queer politics in the fields of art and culture in Belgrade, Serbia, as well as the genealogy and the historical localization of these politics, both in former Yugoslavia and on a transnational level. A main focus was on specific local forms of queer practices, on dissident tendencies within the queer movement that refuse to simply copy-and-paste Western hegemonic queer discourses.

Ivana MARJANOVIĆ (born 1979 in Yugoslavia) is a freelance cultural producer in the field of contemporary arts and theory. She is co-founder of the Kontekst Gallery and member of the Kontekst Collective in Belgrade.

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