Transitional Europe

The Serb, in European eyes, is savage, violent and uncivilized; he is associated with a brutal sexuality, characterized as a rapist and as solely responsible for the war crimes of the nineties.

Recently, homophobic attacks have been added to the long list of Serbian crimes. Since Beograd Pride in 2001, these have been used to brand the entire society as undemocratic, underdeveloped and not ready to join the EU. While Serbian homophobes are stigmatized as unsalvageable, Serbian queers, on the other hand, should be accepted into the European family. The division of the population into victims and perpetrators serves as a basis to legitimate attacks from EUrope on political, social, and, especially, economic levels.

The lecture performance explored the ways in which homonormativity and queerness are employed as sexual states of emergency in order to construct a unified European space for an unrestricted exploitation of the regions of Eastern Europe for the future.
Ana Hoffner

Ana HOFFNER (*1980 in Yugoslavia) is an artist, theorist, performer and mentor based in Vienna. Hoffner studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and works in the fields of queer and migrant/postcolonial politics. Her projects include exhibitions, performances, lectures and publications in Austria and abroad.

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