Treason and Form: Reflections on Art and Thought

with Anthony Iles,, Group for conceptual politics, Marina Vishmidt

'Treason and Form', Marina Vishmidt and Anthony Iles, after Ad Reinhardt.

The discussion will explore questions of political and artistic form in their tensions and convergences. What kinds of methods enable us to be active in this field while avoiding the reification of concepts, to retain the speculative at the core of our inquiries? What would it mean to understand ourselves as ‘subjects congealed as technology’ (Theodor W. Adorno), or as historically produced objects ‘culturally bonded through the creation of relations’ (Howard Slater)?

Documentation of the discussion will form the foundation for Anthony Iles’ and Marina Vishmidt’s contribution to the exhibition Nuisance Value. The contribution will be on display from June 22.

Marina Vishmidt is a London-based writer occupied mainly with questions around art, labor and value. She is the author of Speculation as a Mode of Production (Brill, early 2016) and A for Autonomy (with Kerstin Stakemeier) (Textem, 2015). She also works regularly with Anthony Iles and with Melanie Gilligan. She collaborates with artists and contributes to journals such as Mute, Afterall, Texte zur Kunst, and the South Atlantic Quarterly, as well as co-/edited collections and catalogs,most recently Anguish Language (Archive Books, forthcoming). She is part of the Theory faculty at the Dutch Art Institute, a visiting lecturer at Middlesex University and the University of Brighton, and has taught at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Central Saint Martins, and Goldsmiths.

Anthony Iles is a writer of criticism and fiction based in London. He is a PhD candidate at Middlesex University, a contributing editor with Mute / Metamute,, and an editor of the forthcoming publication on writing and crisis Anguish Language (Archive Books), is an independent cultural organization based in Novi Sad (Serbia), which since 2001 brings together artists, theoreticians, media activists, researchers and the wider public in the research of contemporary art theory and practice, cultural policies, activism and politics. tends to make an intervention in the sphere of research and artistic and social experimentation within the field of art and cultural production, from the position of institutional critique and critique of cultural policies.

Group for Conceptual Politics (Grupa za konceptualnu politiku) is an artistic and political organization which is the result of local conflicts and clashes by which people in this struggle are fleeing while avoiding antagonism as a model of articulation of their own practice and thought. It seeks to construct a space which it ironically designates an ‘institutional commune’. It comprehends that work needs to be published in order to be created (written, read or translated). The Group’s work is therefore the political project of the deconstruction of cultural policy and state education.


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