Transmissions. The Iranian Revolution Covered by West and East German Television

Between 1979 and 1981, filmmaker Thomas Giefer and journalist Ulrich Tilgner made regular trips to Iran to cover the revolution for West German television. These news reports became the material for the 1981 feature film Schah-Matt.

With the screening, Sandra Schäfer put the following topics up for discussion: how do Giefer/Tilgner portray the revolutionary changes and importance of political Islam? How do West German television reports differ from those produced for East Germany? And how do the producers address the relevant audiences?

Sandra SCHÄFER is an artist and writer based in Berlin. Her works deal with the representation of gender, urbanism and (post-)colonialism. She works with a focus on film and video installations and collaborates with artists and theorists in Kabul, Tehran, London, Barcelona and Berlin.

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