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In connection with the workshop REFLEXIVE ALLIANCE at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, kinovi[sie]on is presenting the filmic oeuvre of Danish-German artist Lena Ditte Nissen in cooperation with the Künstlerhaus. Her experimental works have been shown at film festivals worldwide, incl. in Edinburgh, Belo Horizonte, Copenhagen, Zagreb, Montréal, in the film museums of Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, and also in the Anthology Film Archive NYC.
Four Austrian premieres attended by the director in person.

Total length of the film program: 55 minutes
Tues,, 8th September, 8.30 pm
Venue: LEOKINO (Innsbruck)

KORONA (2013, 10min)
CPH:DOX writes: “An elegant and understated study of the development of both the human soul and the medium of film.”
Korona poetically describes the subjective physical
and psychological experience of a recurring subversion
of the self-experience of a young woman. The whispered
narration from the perspective of the speaker, and the
reduced use of minimal black and white images leads
the viewer further and further into the inner of a mythical
state of being, that is neither an end nor a solution.

ANÓME (2015, 13min)
‚Anóme‘ unites two matriarchal cultures from each corner of the world in a common, cinematic sisterhood.
The Chinese Moshu tribe and the Kuna tribe from Panama are interwoven in Lena Ditte Nissen‘s ethnographic
journey – both inner and outer. It is a journey to remote geographical areas and to the extreme, darkened
rooms of the mind. Using surreal, trance-like black and white images and an evocative soundtrack,
‚Anóme‘ performs an optical, matriarchal ritual. In a film language that approaches Ben Rivers‘ enigmatic
anthropology, Lena Ditte Nissen examines the sensory experience of being immersed in the women‘s tribes.
But as an access-point to ethnographic research, the film must ask itself and the audience a number of fundamental
questions about the encounter with the Other and about the right to make cultural definitions. ‚Anóme‘
mixes its interpersonal, inter-female project with reflections on ethnographic filmmaking and methods. (CPH DOX)

The place I will have left was shot around Rio Catatumbo in Venezuela, the area where most lightnings
in the world strike down. The film is about the experience and absorption of something non-digestible.
Something foreign and other, that does not assimilate, that remains within our selfs as a foreign body and
provokes rejection reactions. The short and destructive energy of a lightning is delated into a state of stasis as
an overreaction.

ES GIBT (2020, 16:30min)
Lena Ditte Nissen has created a series of experimental short works on analogue film, which in a personal and often elliptical and dreamy language channels a subjective view on the world through the unexpected connections that arise between image and sound. Her most recent work is a portrait, and a new variation on her method. Before the camera, we encounter the formidable 87 year-old artist Margaret Raspé who works in photography, film, drawing and other art forms. Regardless of the medium, automatisms play a significant role in her art. Nissen transcends the traditional limits of the portrait genre and has created a congenial and loving tribute to a unique creative mind. (CPH DOX)

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The Danish-German artist and filmmaker Lena Ditte NISSEN (1987*, Munich) studied film and media art at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Her films, performances and installations have been shown at international institutions and film festivals such as the Museo de Arte Moderno Rio de Janeiro, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Museo del Banco de la República Bogotá, ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin, the film museum in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, KAI10 Athena Foundation, Rubenstein Art Center, CCA Center for Contemporary Art Tbilisi, the International Film Festivals in Edinburgh and Belo Horizonte, the CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, WNDX Festival of Moving Image, 25FPS Zagreb, Festival de nouveau cinéma Montréal and the Anthology Film Archive NYC amongst others. Lena has been in residence at SOMA Mexico, LIGHT CONE in Paris and lugar a dudas in Cali, Colombia.

In addition to her artistic career, Ditte Nissen has also curated various film and video programs since 2013 that have been shown at international venues including Cinemateca Nacional de Colombia and the FAR OFF fair for contemporary art in Cologne, Germany. In 2018 she held a studio scholarship at Bonner Kunstverein together with Alisa Berger, with whom she works in the artist-duo bergernissen.


Museumstraße 31
6020 Innsbruck