Why and How to Remember the Era of Colonialism?

As part of her project Germany trait d’union Cameroon, Brigitta Kuster held a lecture on the question of possible strategies for remembering the colonial period and its aftermath.

Beginning with the search for a way of dealing with the indexical presence and amnesia (especially of the German colonial past) that was relevant to her work, Brigitta Kuster’s lecture outlined ideas for formulating a contemporary relationship to European colonial experience.

The presentation became the basis for L’avenir est un long passé, Brigitta Kuster’s contribution to the publication Private Investigations.

Brigitta KUSTER, an artist, video-/filmmaker and author, lives in Berlin. Her work focuses on topics such as the representation of work, gender and sexual identity, (urban) space, migration, transnationality and (post-)colonialism.

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