Wissensdramatisierung (en.: Knowledge Dramatization)

Spoken word piece performed at the Demokratie am Tableau – ein kontra-produktiver Kongress gegen die Ökonomisierung der Gesellschaft (en.: Democracy on Tray—a Contra-productive Congress Against The Commodification of Society),

This piece is performed in German only and should not be translated. For this reason, only the German version of Ana Hoffner’s script is available.

The Congress was organized by aep—Workgroup for Emancipation and Partnership, with support from the Michael Gaismair Society.

Ana HOFFNER (*1980 in Yugoslavia) is an artist, theorist, performer and mentor based in Vienna. Hoffner studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and works in the fields of queer and migrant/postcolonial politics. Her projects include exhibitions, performances, lectures and publications in Austria and abroad.


Die Bäckerei
Dreiheiligenstraße 21a
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