Isidora Ilić

Writing the Female Film

The project reconsidered feminist film theory and the (de-)construction of film language in auteur poetics. It aimed to question the options for constructing a different way of filmmaking that could be regarded as “female film”.

Interest in film from a feminist perspective has focused on the representation of women in this medium and how the film structure is based on the logic of the Oedipus complex and the male gaze. Theoretical thinking of this kind has resulted in the deconstruction of the classical narrative movie as a film institution. These achievements, however, have not developed further into establishing a theoretical climate and film works that would promote the language and écriture of women in this media.

Introducing the concept of écriture féminine, through which feminists tried to point at women as Other, the project started from language/speech as the most important identity constructs. The female film as an authentic expression of woman as social subject suggested a different way of thinking about and practicing film as a medium. Writing the Female Film scrutinized this presumption.
(Text source: Isidora Ilić)

As part of her residency, Isidora Ilić held a lecture at the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Innsbruck in the summer semester of 2009.

Isidora ILIĆ is a film/video artist living in Belgrade. She studied comparative literature and literature theory at the University of Belgrade, women’s and gender studies at Belgrade Women’s Studies Center and attended the Film School of AFC at Students City Cultural Center Belgrade. Her work is based on practices of experimental film, performance art and art theory. The spectator often plays a key role in her works, and multilayered or fragmented structures aim to engage and enable further creation. She is co-founder of the artist group Doplgenger.