Ryoko Kuwajima

Intangible Spirits

Ryoko Kuwajima’s work employs reproducible media (digital video, electronic sound generators) with the intent of exploring different methods of interaction between human thought patterns and technologies in an empirical way. Her pieces resample found footage into collages, the appearance of which corresponds to sounds produced especially for them. The results are neither music videos nor videos set to music, but seemingly organic, audio-visual pieces with a meditative, techno flair.

Intangible Spirits, the artist adds another layer to this mélange: the narration. Narration and introspection are superimposed here to form a hypnotic, audio-visual whole that reflects the perception of the basic, underlying coordinates of human existence.

Ryoko KUWAJIMA (*1976) was based in London in 2003 and ran Melange, a label for experimental, electronic music and video arts.