Citlali Hernández

Citlali Hernández (1986, México City), is an artist who focuses on exploring how social and technological codes are inscribed in the way of inhabiting the body within the framework of electronic and digital arts. From a transdisciplinary perspective, she seeks to experience the materialities of performance and its entanglements with wires, pixels, and circuits to think of the body as a field of potentialities.
Citlali Hernández is currently working on her doctoral thesis at BAU Design and Arts University Center Barcelona, Spain, with the topic Body, Technology and Performativity: The Body in the Practices of New Media Art. She is also a University-level teacher on issues related to product design, digital manufacturing, and applied interaction. She is an active collaborator in Matics Barcelona (Digital Art Association) and artist-in-residence, together with Núria Nia, at with the project Cuerpo Satelital, supported by the Artistic Research Grant Fundación Banco Sabadell-Hangar.