Mika Elo

Mika Elo is professor of artistic research at the University of the Arts Helsinki. His research interests include photographic media theory, philosophical media theory, and epistemology of artistic research. He participates in these discussions as curator, visual artist and researcher. In 2018–2019 he led the Research Pavilion #3 project realized in Helsinki and Venice in the context of the 58th Venice Biennale. From 2009–2011 he worked on the research project Figures of Touch. From 2012-2013 he co-curated the Finnish exhibition Falling Trees at the 55th Venice Biennale. Currently, he is Principal Investigator of one of the research projects in the consortium Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image. He has also been a member of the editorial boards of RUUKKU (2012– ), tiede&edistys (2010–2020), and JAR (2010–2019). His most recent curatorial work was the exhibition Paradoxes of Photography (2022) at The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki.