Talk with Büchsenhausen Fellow Stefano HAYN

First broadcast: Mon 03.04.2017, 11.06 Uhr MEZ
Rerun: Wed 19.04.2017, 21.00 Uhr MEZ
A Broadcast in collaboration with: Stefan Hayn

n 2016-17, the Fellowship Program for Art and Theory at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen fokuses on projects concerned with physical deviance, educational spirits, apparently obsolete image production processes, and former geopolitics. In the context of the Start Up Lectures 2016-17 on 21 October 2016, the new fellows Eva Egermann, Stefan Hayn, Kerstin Schroedinger, and Vladislav Shapovalov presented their work and their plans for the coming months.

The Büchs’n’Radio broadcast in April is dedicated to the presentation of Stefano HAYN.


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Stefan Hayn lives in Berlin. His films released since 1989 question artistic as well as cinematic categorisation, and reject simplistic genre attributions. His works (films, painting, essays) have been presented in a wide range of art and film contexts. He has taught at Berlin University of the Arts, specializing in the interrelations of film and painting.

Stefan Hayn is a painter and filmmaker. In his more recent works he attempts to enable an emotional experience of film-immanent processes or – in comparisons within the exhibition space – processes of painterly or filmic perception including their social-historical and biographical-individual connections. He also reflects on artistic approaches aiming towards openness in conceptual-essayistic works. He presents his films in cinemas, on TV, and at international festivals. Most recently, the Heidelberger Kunstverein and the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna showed a selection of his film works and paintings.

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