tON/NOt – Forms of Interdisciplinary Theatre

tON/NOt was founded in November 2010. The aim of its activities is to open up theatre with respect to other media, to access new cultural spaces, to support young authors, performers, directors and artists in the realization of their projects, and to discover interfaces. The areas so often regarded as secondary – costume, stage set, lighting or sound – are given a professional platform here, so that their own aesthetic charm is able to unfold. The theatre, as the primary model of artistic work, must (be able to) make space for these areas, as well as for debate with other fields of art. Our constant efforts to remain in permanent exchange with people from other artistic fields is based on this conviction, along with a desire to pass beyond the standpoints of classical theatre.

Michaela Senn | acting, text, performance
Katrin Jud | direction
Margret Wassermann | costume & stage set
Eva Wassermann | costume & stage set
Eva Wassermann | Kostüm & Bühne