City Respirateur. Lecture in Twelve Parts

Birgit Schlieps concluded her research project Trancemodernity at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen with the installation and lecture City Respirateur.

Birgit Schlieps wrote: “City Respirateur refers to a description of a specific moment of reinterpretation and of continuity of bodies, surfaces, territories within a city. The Wild West romanticism that enabled the construction of the modernist city of Aktau on the Kazakh steppes in the 1960s is realized today in the further development of the cityscape. It is as though the inhabitants’ most secret desires were suddenly spread out openly: an inversion of the surfaces and in general a curious uniformity of articulated fantasies about life.

The work uses image/text relationships from five different sites to offer a taxonomic legibility of the cityscape by methodically composing components from various time levels.”

Birgit SCHLIEPS (*1968 in Stuttgart) lives as an artist and editor in Berlin. Among other things, she was Assistant Professor of Experimental Design, Art and Architecture at the TU in Berlin (1999-2005) and Assistant Lecturer at the Department of the History and Theory of Design, Berlin University of the Arts (2006/07).
Schlieps has been exhibiting internationally since 1992. Publications include: Rohmodelle/Raw Models, Revolver Verlag 2005; Konstitution von Raum 2057. Recherche, Bild & Architektur Sept 06/Oct 07, UdK 2007.

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