Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Fellowship Program for Art and Theory.


Is there a specific thematic focus?

No, although it may appear so in retrospect, the call for proposals does not prescribe a specific thematic orientation. However, sometimes the process of jury selection leads to the crystallization of a particular theme.

In the call for proposals, it says: “It is also compulsory to submit a proposal for a series of public events”. What is meant by this?

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen offers a program of public events, within the framework of which our fellowship holders discuss (with invited guests) their current work or other themes relevant to it, and make these accessible to their colleagues and the interested audience. This could be a talk, a small symposium, a workshop, a film screening, or take whatever form might be appropriate for Fellows’ work.
The events can be held by the Fellows or by invited guests. For this purpose, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen is providing a small budget to cover the guests’ fees, travel and accommodation costs. Examples of events can be found on the homepage under Fellows / Former Fellows.

Can we apply as a couple or a group?

Yes, that is possible. However, we would like to point out that the program was conceived for individuals, and therefore in this case the infrastructure (budget and accommodation) will have to be shared. The sum of the fellowship and the means provided will be no different, therefore.

Is it also possible to apply without a full academic degree?

In principle, yes. Candidates without a degree should be able to prove that they have worked for several years as an artist or art theorist.

Is a BA degree enough?

Our experience shows that in almost every case, candidates with BAs are most likely to not achieve the standard of other candidates. Naturally, they can still apply: like those without a degree at all, these candidates must also prove that they have been working as an artist or art theorist for some years.

Is there an age limit for the Fellowship Program?


Is there a time limit for the works presented in the portfolio?


Does the portfolio have to be in paper form, on DVD or digital?

The artistic portfolio can be submitted either in paper form, on DVD or CD, or digitally via a permalink. All these forms will be dealt with on an equal basis.
Please note: all other application documents must be sent by post.

Is it only possible to apply by post?

As a rule, we only accept applications by post. If this is not possible for any special reason, in exceptional cases please contact us to clarify the requisite procedure via fellowship@buchsenhausen.at.

What exactly is meant by ’January 31, 2020 (postmark)‘ regarding the closing date for submissions?

It means that your postal submission must be stamped by your post office on January 31, 2020 at the latest.

Where can I find the electronic application form?

The link to the electronic application form can be found here only if the competition is opened.

Why did I not receive the confirmation e-mail after filling out and submitting the application form?

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail please check first your junk folder, or inquire with your e-mail server to see if they blocked auto-confirmations. If none of them is the case, then write us an e-mail.

Does Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen accept the costs of travel and health insurance?

No. The Fellows are required to pay for their journeys to and from the Künstlerhaus. Possible exceptions are journeys in connection with research and / or a production in the context of the proposed work project. Fellows always have to cover the cost of their health insurance.

Who can apply for a fellowship at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen?

Professional visual/media artists, art theorists, art critics, and curators from all over the world are eligible for the fellowship.

Is it allowed to bring pets?