Isabel Peterhans & Patrick Bonato

Isabel PETERHANS (*1986), BA, studied illustration at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Since 2012 she has been working as a … more

Elisabeth Eiter

Elisabeth EITER interacts with what is given, takes it out of its context and exposes it. By doing this, she provides the premises for an experience that is strongly rooted … more

Maria Köfler

Maria Köfler’s primary artistic medium is drawing. She works on paper with ink, pencil, ballpoint pen, felt-tip, red chalk, chalk, and crayon, to create a surreal, bizarre pictorial world whose … more

Michelle Schmollgruber

Photography and Michelle Schmollgruber found each other early on. Her interest in textile work was also not long in coming. Thus began the overlap between photographic and textile work, which … more

Nicole Weniger

For Nicole WENIGER, identity is the most important theme of her artistic work. Questions of belonging, adaptation, social boundaries and the corresponding rules of conduct, characterize her artistic research, which … more

Angelika Wischermann

Angelika Wischermann’s works have a strong reference to action or activity. Expansion of time, repetition, and compulsively performed activities play a central role in her oeuvre. Absurdity and meaninglessness are … more