Anna Dasović circle with dashed border

Before the Fall there was no Fall

Before the Fall there was no Fall is a research-based project that I will develop into a series of (video) works, public encounters and a book in collaboration with other … more

KURS (Miloš Miletić and Mirjana Radovanović) circle with dashed border

Lessons in Defense

The archival research Lessons in Defense deals with specific aspects of the development of culture and cultural policy inside the Peoples Liberation Movement (PLM) on the territory of Yugoslavia during … more

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Reflexive Alliance

In Reflexive Alliance Lena Ditte NISSEN engages with her family history and asks questions about transgenerational trauma, the transfer of knowledge and political and individual positioning. “It is this fear … more

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Activist Biographies in Eastern Europe

The research project aims to document, contextualize and analyze social movements in Eastern Europe. It includes interviews with a variety of political organizers who are active in movement politics, and … more