Fellowship Program for Art and Theory 2022-23

Dear friends of Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen,

the Fellowship Program for Art and Theory 2022-23, will explore, through the work projects of invited Fellows Luis GUERRA, Bettina KNAUP, Alice SARMIENTO, and Endi TUPJA, a variety of relevant issues for today – without directly addressing current events. A loose thematic thread that could be attributed to all the projects is the examination of the tension between the private and the public. For example, in the work of the pedagogue Fernand Deligny, whose practice Luis Guerra proposes to read as a process of artistic knowledge production, as “gestural philosophy”; in Bettina Knaup‘s research on “common wastes,” which examines residencies, these art institutions of the “semi-private,” and waste infrastructures (such as landfills or recycling plants) in terms of relationships and processes of exchange; in Alice Sarmiento’s exploration of online memes in social media in the Philippines after the outbreak of COVID-19 – in a country where the concept of “public” has no spatial realization; or in Endi Tupja‘s artistic investigation of bathroom ecologies associated with menstruation in communist Albania.

The participants pf the Fellowship Program 2022-23 were selected from over 150 applicants by a jury consisting of Margarethe Drexel (artist and member of the Advisory Board), Ralo Mayer (artist and former Büchsenhausen Fellow), and Andrei Siclodi (Director of the Künstlerhaus) to work on their projects in Büchsenhausen. The Fellows will present themselves, their work and their projects in the context of the Start Up Lectures 2022-23 on Friday, 21 October in Büchsenhausen.

As part of the Premierentage 2022, we will screen Endi Tupja’s film hard-boiled, contained, evaporated! on 5 November in Büchsenhausen in the presence of the artist.

More up-to-date information about our Fellowship program and events can be found on our website, on Facebook, and in our newsletter.

We wish you exciting and enlightening experiences with the Fellowship Program of Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen!

With best regards
Andrei Siclodi & Team