Gal Kirn

Gal KIRN has a PhD in Intercultural Studies of Ideas and Cultures from the University of Nova Gorica in Slovenia. He has since worked, among other places, at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Humboldt University in Berlin, GWZO in Leipzig, the Akademie Schloss Solitude, and TU Dresden, where he researched on the Soviet avant-garde and partisan memory. He has published diverse topics from post-Fordism, and Yugoslav black wave cinema to Althusser and critique of neoliberalism. His latest books deal with the topic of partisan struggle and socialist Yugoslavia, albeit from different angles. Partisan Ruptures was published by Pluto Press (2019) and deals with the politico-economic investigation of the rise and demise of socialist Yugoslavia, while The Partisan Counter-Archive (De Gruyter, 2020) works on the triangulation of politics, art and memory on the case of the partisan liberation struggle. He is currently Visiting Professor at Cultural History program at the University of Nova Gorica.