Kinematographisches Handeln – Cinematographic Agency

First broadcast: Mon 04.04.2011, 11.00 Uhr MEZ
A Broadcast in collaboration with: Rainer Bellenbaum

Andrei Siclodi talks with the media scholar Rainer BELLENBAUM, current visual art fellow at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, working on his book-project “Kinematografisches Handeln”. In this project Bellenbaum analyses the stimuli, the potentials and the effects of what he calls “Kinematografisches Handeln” (cinematographic agency), espacially in gallery and installation films.


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Rainer BELLENBAUM (*1957) is a Berlin- and Vienna-based media studies scholar, film and art critic. His work includes, among other things, artistic short films and collaborations (as from 1983), camera work, research and television contributions (1986-2005), texts for a number of art magazines (Texte zur Kunst, springerin, Camera Austria) and book publications (since 2004).