Bad Words and Vera Pavlovna’s Fourth Dream

First broadcast: Mon 07.12.2015, 11.00 Uhr MEZ
Rerun: Wed 16.12.2015, 21.00 Uhr MEZ
A Broadcast in collaboration with: Fokus Grupa, Andrea Bellu

In 2015–16 the Fellowship Program for Art and Theory will be focusing on work proposals that raise questions – in a broader sense – about the constitution and effect of the imaginary in critical art practices. The new fellows Andrea Bellu (GER), Fokus Grupa (HR), Benjamin Tiven (USA) and Marina Vishmidt & Anthony Iles (UK) presented their work and their plans for the coming months in the context of the Start Up Lectures 2015-16 on Fri 16th October 2015.

In Büchs’n Radio’s December broadcast it was possible to hear presentations by Andrea Bellu and Fokus Grupa.
Among other things, the themes included the now-forgotten, pre-national-state social structures in the areas on the eastern border of today’s EUrope, and their possible significance for the present day (Andrea Bellu), as well as egalitian design concepts in the field of interior design since Modernism (Fokus Grupa).


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Fokus Grupa is an artist collective based in Rijeka, Croatia. Their work points to the social, economical and political frames of the art field. Their practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and they work across art, design and curating. Fokus Grupa concentrate on the relations between art and its public manifestations, in terms of working culture, aesthetics, and social and economic exchange values. They have exhibited in museums and venues internationally including: Offbiennale Budapest, Visual Culture Research Center, Kiev; A3bandas, Madrid; MACRO, Rome;, MCA, Ljubljana, MCA, Zagreb, Magazzino del Sale Venice; Calvert 22, London; Tranzit, Bratislava; Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna; SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana; Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb; Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

Andrea Bellu develops her artistic works as installations: writing, drawing, taking photographs and making films. She often works together with other artists and scientists. Starting out from post-colonial, migrant and feminist perspectives, she attempts to insert gaps and disruptions into the predominant narrations of history.