Why and How to Remember the Era of Colonialism?

First broadcast: Mon 07.12.2009, 11.00 Uhr MEZ
A Broadcast in collaboration with: Brigitta Kuster

The December broadcast 2009 is dedicated to the project Germany trait d’union Cameroon by Brigitta Kuster.

Within the framework of her fellowship at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen in winter semester 2008-09, Brigitta Kuster held a lecture in November 2008 on the question of possible strategies for remembrance of the colonial period and its aftermath.
Starting from the search for a way, relevant to her work, of dealing with indexical presence and amnesia (of the German colonial past especially), Brigitta Kuster outlines some ideas for formulating a contemporary relationship to European colonial experience.

Germany trat d’union Cameroon is a documentary-experimental video, installation, and research project on colonial history / continuity, images of memory, and forms of forgetting.
The project juxtaposes different approaches to writing history, remembering / forgetting, and investigates how they construct meaning. The project is concerned less with the reconstruction of an objective or complete historical truth, and more with working out fragments and connections between Germany and Cameroon in the transmission and reappraisal of the colonial history, and to set this in motion.

Quelle: https://cba.fro.at/15053

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Brigitta KUSTER, an artist, video-/filmmaker and author, lives in Berlin. Her work focuses on topics such as the representation of work, gender and sexual identity, (urban) space, migration, transnationality and (post-)colonialism.