Nora Schöpfer

In Nora SCHÖPFER‘s work, experimental debate using the media of painting, installation, photography and video often focuses on questioning perception, temporal and spatial relationships, and concepts of reality and materiality. Perceptual fragments from memory and the imagination are reassembled to echo the way our realities are formed. Two- and three-dimensional works emerge, as well as moving images, which subsequently join together into expanded spatial concepts. Here, extended temporal and spatial depictions and an imagined dissolution of matter are means with which to suggest an intensified atmosphere of immediate presence in the act of seeing. Here, overlaid images of situations in exhibitions or in public space as well as images of groups and structures in nature and their mutual similarities continue a process inviting us to participate in a kind of visual streaming.

Nora SCHÖPFER was born 1962 in Innsbruck, Study at the University of Applied Art in Vienna (A) with Oswald Oberhuber and Ernst Caramelle, since 2015 studies in philosophy at the University of Applied Art in Vienna (A).

Permanent installation at Giardino di Daniel Spoerri, in Seggiano (I) and Beeldentuin Sculpture Garden Achter de Westduine, Zeeland (NL)

Selection of exhibitions:
2016 fluid existence, series of images in the Quart Heft für Kultur Nr.27 (A)
2015 fluid existence, artdepot Innsbruck (A); liquid existence – the image is within me- it`s not in front- I am inside- it is I, Neue Galerie, Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck (A); MOË Sauvignon – Selection 14/15, Mo.ë, Vienna (A)
2014 time investigations, MECA Mediterraneo Centro Artistico, Almería (E); fluid environment – precious gaps, Giardino di Daniel Spoerri, Villa in Seggiano (I); Das EINE, im Rahmen von Eyes on, Mo.ë, Vienna (A); falsch ist richtig, wirklichkeit als performativer prozess, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck (A)
2013 Künstler des Giardino di Daniel Spoerri, Forum Kunst Rottweil, Rottweil (DE); `crux`, das Symbol des Kreuzes, Hofburg, Brixen (I)
2012 “Strömungen” KUNSTPREIS 2012 “Ökologie”; Städtische Galerie Wollhalle, Barlachstadt Güstrow (D)
2011 Zwischen- Zeit- Räume, Galerie Thomas Flora, Innsbruck (A)
2010 Az W Photo Award 2010 Public Space, Auszeichnung, Architekturzentrum, MQ, Wien (A); sizzling, flat1, Wien (A)
2008 Zeitraumzeit, Künstlerhaus Wien (A); a.o.