Kata Hinterlechner & Bosko Gastager

BKA, Intervention Open House, 2015, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

The image-creating premises in Kata HINTERLECHNER‘s artistic works are reduction, relationships and dialogue. Starting out from an anthropological image concept, the artist works on various cycles, which operate with found materials as well as considering geometric abbstraction in relation to the picture surface and three-dimensional space.

The artist orientates her content on the direct, given conditions (site specific), but also on themes such as landscape, fashion, design and architecture. The abstracted images and objects – concerned purely with form, colours and materiality – form a contrast to her artistic works dealing with the spatial structure of the narrative.

Bosko GASTAGER‘s works operate on the borderlines between art, graphics and design – whereby he refuses to restrict himself to any one medium or material. Paintings, installations, videos and performances; these conceptual configurations develop between “free” art and “applied handicraft”, functioning beyond the distinction between poetic fiction and empirical fact, and opening up a discursive space within this field of conflicts that allows him to deal with a broad range of themes.