Katharina Cibulka

“One of man’s special gifts is that he can make himself into the object of reflection. People can think about and communicate who they are, how they would or would not like to be, and what roles they wish to adopt in a partnership, family, profession, or society as a whole. Over the years Katharina Cibulka has created a stringent, complex oeuvre using various media, which centres on existential and identity-creating questions such as these. In her films, photographs, installations, performances and textual works, she investigates the individual’s relationship to his/her surroundings and thereby describes the balancing act between subjective longings and the demands made upon the individual by the outside world.” (Manisha Jothady)


Katharina Cibulka was born in Innsbruck (A) in 1975; she lives in Innsbruck, and works in Innsbruck and Vienna.
2004–10 Study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
2000-01 Study at the School of Artistic Photography, Vienna
1999 Study at New York Film Academy

Cibulka is a fine artist, filmmaker, project developer, cofounder of the performance group peek a corner and mother of 2 wonderful children. Numerous projects, films, documentations, solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Prizes and Grants (selection):
Promotional Award for Contemporary Art from the State of Tyrol (2014), Promotional Award from the City of Innsbruck for Photography/New Media (2012), Appreciation Award from the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (2010), Prize from the “Freunde der bildenden Kunst” (2010), Emanuel and Sofie Fohn Fellowship (2010), and many more.