Days in Between

Marianna Christofides

Appeared in the series Büchs’n’Books — Art and Knowledge Production in Context
Volume 8
Editors: Brenda Hollweg and Marianna Christofides
Associate Editor: Andrei Siclodi

Published by Hatje Cantz in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen
First published in 2021
English, 272 pages
EUR 40,00

Days In Between is Marianna Christofides’ decade-long project of multi-layered encounters with the Balkans, one of Europe’s most historically and geopolitically contested “fracture zones”. Initially realized as a 16mm essay film, the project has continued to evolve in various modes: as multi-channel analogue film projection, site-specific audio installation, serigraphy prints, light sculpture, geologic-photographic assemblage, text and 16mm film study. This book draws on Christofide’s recent solo exhibition at MNAC, Bucharest and gives, for the first time, a profound insight into her diverse aesthetic work and unique artistic practice. It assembles nine critical voices from the arts and academic world. Thinking with new materialism, Deleuzian film theory, and philosophical studies on time and space, the contributors highlight the multiple enfolded ways in which the artist’s work opens up to conversations around landscape and space in postcolonial contexts, essayistic film practice and forms of critical-emancipatory knowledge production in the arts.

Marianna Christofides was Büchsenhausen Fellow in 2017-18.