Marianna Christofides

Marianna Christofides, A canary called Cassandra, 2017, 3-channel-slide projection (installation-view)

Looking Against the Grain – The Hiatus of Uncertainty (Working Title)

Currently Marianna Christofides is working on a long-term project that attempts to examine the uncanny sense of dread as everything around us is stripped of reason and gradually slips out of our grasp. Considering that a state of unfading instability in manifold manifestations of social life has become the norm, Christofides asks for the locus in which this uncertainty entrenches, for the implications that such a study fuels, and the modalities through which an artist can approach a condition that inherently defies comprehension.

During the fellowship at Büchsenhausen Christofides will attempt to create an “anthology of moments of closure” tracing the “wandering” manifestations of uncertainty as it assumes different forms and qualities. Being exposed to this uncertain state and sensing moments of its manifestations will be central aspects of this approach. Taking the viewer on a part visual, part essayistic journey, in her project Christofides will be piecing together peripheral encounters into a poetic narrative which will be loosely woven to enable spaces for unsought revelations. The project will be structured along three main sections or chapters that are not conceived as air-tight and sealed but will be rather penetrable and open to negotiation. So the format and the different mediums used will be: moving-image installations composed of 16mm film, sound, text and slide projections will be complemented by drawings, prints and an artist publication. The different elements are integral in mapping out the current state of uncertainty, introducing a more visceral re-articulation and translation. Furthermore, the artist will work on collaging, layering, re-ordering and subtly staging the collected footage of images (recorded and archival), sounds, writings and objects to probe various constellations and their capacity and limits.

(Text source: Marianna Christofides)

Marianna CHRISTOFIDES is an artist originally from Cyprus who lives in Berlin. In her film essays and filmic installations, she focuses on the juxtaposition of geological with socio-historical narratives, and the (mis)use of the notion of nature as a justifying argument towards contingent cultural facts. Since 2009, Christofides has exhibited extensively internationally and presented her films at numerous film festivals in Europe. Recent solo exhibitions include Parkfield Studies at the Temporary Gallery, Cologne (2017), Shelter Cove at Annaelle Gallery, Stockholm (2016), and Perennial Limbo at waterside contemporary, London. Most recent group shows have been Viaggio in Sicilia, Salinas Archaeological Museum, Palermo (2017), Dejima. Concepts of In- and Exclusion, GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen (2017), Terra Mediterranea: In Action, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia (2017), and Uncertain States. Artistic strategies in States of Emergency / Uncertain States. Künstlerisches Handeln in Ausnahmezuständen, Akademie der Künste Berlin (2016). In 2011, Christofides co-represented Cyprus at the 54th Biennale in Venice (together with Elizabeth Hoak-Doering).