After Kümmernis Part II: A concluding, but not final, conversation on history, memory, remembrance and the role of art in distinguishing the difference

Sam Richardson (Fellow) in conversation with virgil b/g taylor (artist and thinker)

virgil b/g taylor: there is nothing to be found among the undisplaced, 2021. Installation, 15 paintings, 15 postcards, partial view. Photo: Franziska von den Driesch

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After Kümmernis Part II brings artist and thinker virgil b/g taylor into discussion with Büchsenhausen Fellow Sam Richardson. The first part of the event series, The Intersections of Struggle, Liberation and Movements Born of Grief, took place in April 2022. virgil b/g taylor explores histories of care, crisis, exclusion and toxicity, and more specifically in the German context he is interested in interrogating the role of history in distinguishing the difference between remembrance and memory, and asking what is the role of art in distinguishing that difference?

Both Richardson‘s and virgil b/g taylor‘s practices are invested in history as not something of the past, but something living today, yesterday and tomorrow, as notions of memory, in particular to violence and subjugation, are processed and relayed in ways that often benefit the state and larger structures of power. Whether it be the exploration of a repressed queer saint, or the investigation into anti-semitism, what are the ways in which these histories are both ignored and continue to be present in their legacies today?

virgil b/g taylor will show work that relates to various methods of investigating these questions and present a video, Hansa Boy etwas das kommt nie wieder vor, which was created as an extension of a work exhibited in Shunted Sculptures Fleeting Words, the Meisterschüler*innen-Austellung of the HfK Bremen at the Weserburg Museum for Modern Art, DE. The museum sits on the Teerhof peninsula in the Weser and is most quickly accessed by Bürgermeister-Smidt-Brücke. Smidt’s long 19th century political career stands out for his decades long explicit commitment to removal of Jewish people from Bremen.

Richardson will also share work related to their fellowship here in Innsbruck that explores legacies of grief, gender and violence. The two will explore further what happens when one starts engaging in memory, remembrance and history through art and action.

This event is part of FREIRAD on tour.

Sam Richardson is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in photography, as well as video, sound and writing. They are based in Los Angeles, CA. As an image-maker working in a documentary-informed practice, Richardson strives to unlearn, break open and find new ways of creating images that interrogate collaboration and photographic relationships in the context of the body, trauma and care. She utilizes her experience as a Crisis Counselor to survivors in New York and Los Angeles, abolitionism and personal history to enter their work with a practice of care and investigation into personal and shared experience.
They graduated from the Photography Department at the UCLA MFA program in 2020 where she TA-ed and supported professors in several art studio courses in the Art Department, as well as TA-ed in the Arts Education Department. They are dedicated to creating the most expansive and inclusive form of arts education from theory to practice. During winter 2020-21 she was Artist and Instructor in Residence at Urbano Project in Boston. Currently, they are the Director of Communications and a Teaching Artist at Creative Acts. In Fall 2021 they teach a Foundations course at California Institute for the Arts and a photography course with Las Fotos Project.

virgil b/g taylor is a faggot, living in Germany. He makes fag tips, an online speculative zine. He is one half of sssssssssSsss, a study-friendship with Ashkan Sepahvand, a third of Indefinite Leave to Remain with Moad Musbahi and Vishal Kumaraswamy, and a fraction of What Would An HIV Doula Do?, a collective of artists, writers, caretakers, activists and more gathered in response to the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic. His work explores histories of care, crisis, exclusion and toxicity.


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