Architectural Criticism at the End of the Age of Critique

Rixt Hoekstra and Bart Lootsma discussed the similarities and differences between current Dutch and Austrian architecture, multiculturalism in architecture and the state of architectural criticism in the age of “projective theory”.

Rixt HOEKSTRA (*1975) is a Dutch architectural historian who studies the place and position of the historian, theoretician or critic in this field. In her work she attempts to (re-)construct a history not of the objects of architectural history—buildings, architects, cities—but of its subjects. An intellectual history exposing the author who spends long hours behind the computer in order to construct narratives of art and architecture.

Bart LOOTSMA (*1957) s a historian, critic and curator in the field of architecture. He is, among other things, a Professor for Architectural Theory at the University in Innsbruck and as author of SuperDutch: New Architecture in the Netherlands and Koolhaas, Constant and Dutch culture in the 1960, an acknowledged expert in contemporary Dutch architecture.

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