Endi Tupja: hard-boiled, contained, evaporated!

Screening and artist talk in the context of Premierentage 2022

hard-boiled, contained, evaporated! (c) Endi Tupja

hard-boiled, contained, evaporated! by this year’s Büchsenhausen Fellow Endi TUPJA is an artistic, research-based project coming in the format of a documentary script. It deals with gender-specific geographies of bodily fluids through the analysis of the material and historical implications of menstrual care in communist Albania. The research looks at the “vanished” object of the kerosene burner and tries to reconstruct an action connected with it at the interface between fictitious script and documentary-like material. The video evokes the special materiality of substances and chemicals in the specific setting of Albanian bathroom floors of the communist era, where menstrual blood, rrogozhina soap, kerosene, water, ashes, salt, soil and sodium chloride mingled.

The event takes place in the context of Premierentage 2022.

The screening and artist talk will be followed by the CLOSING PARTY of Premierentage 2022 with DJ set (Hoffmann X Meister) and drinks at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen.

Endi Tupja (*1984) is an artist, filmmaker/storyteller, and cultural practitioner based between Berlin and Tirana. Her research centers on experimenting with strategies of memory recuperation and the potential of re-enactment with time witnesses. She explores the limits of (self-) representation as well as its tangential relation to video art. There is a friction between the essential and a sense of exaggeration omnipresent in her search for clarity. She continuously tries to challenge a certain idea of established institutional formality in artistic research and academic language. Her work has been shown in festivals and exhibitions in Germany, Kosovo, Mexico, the UK, the Netherlands, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, San Marino, Greece, etc. She is currently a fellow at Centrale Fies, LIVE WORKS Vol. 10 – Free School of Performance, broadening her research in performative writing and staging techniques of Albanian female voices and memories in the Italian context between 1992-2011.

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