“Get the Feeling!”

Contemporary artistic works and projects often borrow from ethnographic research. Conversely, more and more anthropologists are interested analyzing visual culture(s) and a visual/artistic conveyance of the research results.

The discussion between Michael Hieslmair and Judith Laister compared and contrasted excerpts from these two positions using specific examples. How do artists and anthropologists approach selected spaces and social actors from different positions? What tools do they use in the field? And finally, what visualization techniques and practices are applied during the investigation and translation of results into formal representation?

Michael HIESLMAIR lives and works as an artist in Vienna. He studied architecture in Graz and Delft. Working both individually and in group contexts, his work focuses on the influence of mobility on architecture and landscape design and the transfer of culture in socio-spatial transformation processes.

Judith LAISTER studied European Ethnology and Art History in Graz. She was a research assistant at the TU Graz with a focus on urban anthropology, visual anthropology and space theory.

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