"Housing" Lieven De Boeck, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Lieven DE BOECK’s presentation shed light on his experience as a temporary resident of other people’s apartments. Housing was the first publication of his Dictionary of Space.

“1) Program:
For 5 years I lived in different friends’ houses for short periods of time, mostly in the same city. The only thing I missed was a fixed storage space for my personal belongings. In the mean time, I learned to give objects away…
2) Perception:
During this period I could enact different identities. Living in a certain type of house in a certain type of neighborhood with a certain type of interior gives you an identity. In the end, it was always a game; if the identity didn’t fit me in a particular situation I could always say, ‘It’s not my house’. Vice versa, nobody could get a clear picture of my identity because I had no house of my own.
3) Law:
Since the legal authorities require you to be domiciled, the address of my parental home remained my domicile.
This was my housing experience for five years.”
Lieven De Boeck

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