Islamic Settings

Political Islam was marginalized in Turkey in 1978/79, and the 1980 military coup made a political multi-party system impossible. Yet Turkish Islamists were keenly aware of the revolution in their neighboring country Iran, as evidenced by countless articles published in illegally-distributed magazines from the time. Today, on the other hand, the Islamic party AKP dominates the government and, thanks to its neoliberal politics, has now become firmly established among the bourgeois middle class.

Working with journalist Ayşe Çavdar from Istanbul, Sandra Schäfer portrayed these changes on the basis of various documents (videos and newspaper excerpts, materials about urban projects including the Islamic gated community Başakşehir in Istanbul, among others.). These materials were commented on in a stage-like setting. Some of the video documentation of the event became material for the video work turning inward|trading out.

Sandra SCHÄFER is an artist and writer based in Berlin. Her works deal with the representation of gender, urbanism and (post-)colonialism. She works with a focus on film and video installations and collaborates with artists and theorists in Kabul, Tehran, London, Barcelona and Berlin.

Ayşe ÇAVDAR is a journalist and lives in Istanbul. At the time of event she was researching today’s Islamic bourgeois middle class in Turkey, using the example of the Islamic gated community Başakşehir in Istanbul.

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