Nollywood: Digital Cinema in West Africa

"Nollywood: Digital Cinema in West Africa" Julien Enoka-Ayemba, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Julien Enoka-Ayemba illuminated aspects of the Nigerian film market: “Nollywood is the third-largest film market in the world behind Bollywood and Hollywood. The Nigerian video film industry is still regarded as being in a state of emergence, even though more than a thousand films have been produced every year over the last five years in Africa’s most populous country. The films, financed by the private sector and produced in digital video formats, portray urban life in West Africa. They present themselves as a contrast to the art(e)house cinema, preferably dealing with rural Africa. These productions depend, with rare exceptions, on European film funds.”

Jochen BECKER works as an author, lecturer and curator. He is a founding member of metroZones—Center for Urban Affairs and has (co-)edited several books including bignes? (2001); Kabul/Teheran 1979ff (2006) and Urban Prayers (2011), and (co-)curated exhibitions such as the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers (2012/13, NGBK Berlin, Camera Austria, Graz) and Self Made Urbanism Rome, NGBK Berlin, Teatro Valle Occupato Rome (2013). He is artistic director of the Global Prayers project at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin) and will begin a position as director of the art and architecture program at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm in 2014.

Julien ENOKA-AYEMBA is a Berlin-based film researcher and critic. He is a co-founder of the anti-colonial film group Remember Resistance.

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