Of an Anodyne Space

Endi TUPJA (Fellow) and Angeliki TZORTZAKAKI (curator, writer and performer)

Angeliki Tzortzakaki: "Of an anodyne space", 2023.

In her investigation on menstrual care and communist bathroom floors, artist Endi Tupja reflects on gestures and movements leading to cartographies of repression and intimacy specific to remote micro realities waiting to be linked to a space of sense-making. To further shed light on the archipelagic connections created as a shared space of self-containment, she invited writer, curator and performer Angeliki Tzortzakaki to share – via storytelling – thoughts and efforts on the receptivity and embodiment of these insular bodies across time, passing through the Eastern Mediterranean histories. A discussion will follow the performative part of the event.


Of an anodyne space
Performance by Angeliki Tzortzakaki

Of an anodyne space dwells in temporary landscapes and searches for possibilities of existence within relations of unrelation. Thinking through the archipelagic and beyond the binary interpretation of mainland-island, Angeliki Tzortzakaki starts from a hypothetical insular body – precariously sitting on the tectonic margins and subject to its pursuers – to observe how tension and disembodiment manifests. Meanwhile, stories of exhausted geographies are woven together with takes on language and desire, myth- and astrologies around the singular-plural body of Venus and the Eastern Mediterranean isolarii books of the 15th century.
Soundscapes: Márk Redele
Trigger warning: gender-based violence

THIS IS A HYBRID EVENT. You can either participate in the event on site at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen or follow the event online, via Zoom and Facebook. You will receive the Zoom link after registering via Eventbrite.

Endi Tupja (*1984) is an artist, filmmaker/storyteller, and cultural practitioner based between Berlin and Tirana. Her research centers on experimenting with strategies of memory recuperation and the potential of re-enactment with time witnesses. She explores the limits of (self-) representation as well as its tangential relation to video art. There is a friction between the essential and a sense of exaggeration omnipresent in her search for clarity. She continuously tries to challenge a certain idea of established institutional formality in artistic research and academic language. Her work has been shown in festivals and exhibitions in Germany, Kosovo, Mexico, the UK, the Netherlands, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, San Marino, Greece, etc. She is currently a fellow at Centrale Fies, LIVE WORKS Vol. 10 – Free School of Performance, broadening her research in performative writing and staging techniques of Albanian female voices and memories in the Italian context between 1992-2011.

Angeliki Tzortzakaki is a Cretan-born Amsterdam-based curator, writer, editor, programmer and project coordinator. Her research-based practice materializes in performative ways and looks at narratives that wish to defy the nature-culture dichotomy. Within this framework, she researches positions of agency through the lens of archipelagic thinking, fiction, desire, (dis)embodiment, landscape mutability and invisible labour, woven together in texts, scripts or scores. Angeliki is a member of the performance group Scores for Gardens (2019 – ongoing), and as part of the bi- collective, she has co-organized artist residencies in peripheral areas of France, Italy and Japan since 2018. In Amsterdam she collaborates closely with artist Mercedes Azpilicueta and serves as a board member of the Salwa Foundation. In 2021-22 she received the Curatorial Fellowship ARTWORKS, while previously, she was a research fellow in the nomadic programme A Natural Oasis? (2018 -19).


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