Performance Evening

with Nathan GRAY, Olive MICHEL & Fred HYSTÈRE, Kerstin SCHROEDINGER

At the invitation of Kerstin Schroedinger on Saturday May 20th from 17.00 a performance evening is taking place at Küstlerhaus Büchsenhausen.
Performance artists are Nathan Gray, Olive Michel & Fred Hystère and Kerstin Schroedinger herself.


Performances and Artists:

J’ai everyday ma substance, 2017
Detox-Sound-Performance by Olive Michel, Fred Hystère & the Nightshifters

Nightshifts of Resistance in the Poison Cabinet. A big String Figure. Es geht um Soziale Entgiftung, Gift Economies, Social Entanglements and Sonic Environments, und wir die eure Fussnoten-Schuhe tragen. Softcore Crediting als feministisches Herantasten, ein Vorschlag – Verlernen der Künstlerfigur. Das Zitat von dir, kursieren wir. Danke für den Hinweis! Was it you who told me? I take care, I swear. Concepts by non-Western artists and thinkers. Worte zirkulieren, and so does sound. Concepts rarely travel in the opposite direction. Someone said to become criminal is the only possible position these days not to be governed by fascists. These days, j’ai everyday ma substance.

The Alleged Body , 2017
by Kerstin Schroedinger
During the performance a figure, who also appears in the video, proceeds through the steps of exposing and developing a cyanotype. The attention shifts from the spaces that are revisited in the video to the body as commodity / consumer of the pharmaceutic products. This body is derived from the productive body of Fordist labour, similar to the sites that appear in the video. But through the process of immaterialisation of labour as well as the production of a postdigital image space the body aims to perform against chemical substances and post-identity neoliberal take-over of their movments, lingering between the roles of researcher, scientist, athlete, pharmacist, doctor, woman. In the performance the projection transforms from a more lyrical reflection of the relation between photography, imaging and the body in the video to the inclusion of spanning a network of historical events, chemical-material realisations and medicinal-physical experiences of and through the post-industrial body.

The Obverse, 2017
by Nathan Gray

Spurred by the self-immolation of two asylum seekers in the Australian-run refugee detention centre Nauru and by the personal experience of a relative who committed suicide in the same way, The Obverse is a search for meaning in these tragic acts – a poetic inquiry into the history of political self-immolation that frames it as a spontaneous strategy to disrupt restrictions, and an attempt to find a voice by those who are systematically silenced and ignored.


Kerstin Schroedinger is an artist working in video, sound and performance. Her historiographic practice questions the means of image production, historical continuities and ideological certainties of representation. Her works and curatorial practice are often collaborative. Recent works include The Alleged Body (performance), shown at Images Festival Toronto, and Les Complices* Zurich in 2017, Fugue (Film, 2015), as well as Rainbow’s Gravity (Video, 2014, GFTA-funded 2013) and Red, she said (Video, 2011) both with Mareike Bernien. Her work has been shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Anthology Film Archives New York, Forum Expanded of Berlinale, Short ٍFilm Festival Oberhausen, International Film Festival Toronto, Gasworks London, Arnolfini Bristol, Whitechapel Gallery London, and exhibited at MIT List Visual Arts Center Boston (2016), Photo Cairo #6 (2017), FMAC Mediathèque Geneva (2016), The School of Kyiv – 2nd Kiev Biennale 2015, Helmhaus Zurich (2015), Kunstpavillion Innsbruck (2017), amongst others.

Anna Frei alias Fred Hystère is a Artist, Sonic Researcher, Cultural Producer, Graphic Designer, Editor, DJ and Record Store Co-Operator who lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. She worked and works in several collaborative Art, Performance and Music Projects, as a freelance Graphic Designer and Conceptrice on publications and editions (Edition Fink, OOR Editions a.o.) and organizes discursive experimental audio formats and concerts. As DJ Fred Hystère she*s searching for multi-layered, emancipatory narratives within experimental DJ Mixes and collaborates on Performances and Audio-Pieces with the art collective knowbotiqs, the Zürich based Artists Romy Rüegger, Franziska Koch, Sally Schonfeldt a.o. She performed at SideRoom Amsterdam, District Berlin, Archive Books Berlin, Café Oto London, Standards Milano, Istituto Svizzera Rome, Venice Biennale, Salon des Amateurs Düsseldorf amongst many other places. Since 2014 she’s co-operates and co-curates OOR Records/OOR Saloon, which is a collective run record- and art book store, soundspace and sound related production context in Zürich. The OOR Saloon Series wishes to create discursive spaces for negotiations of emancipatory artistic practices related to sound.

Romy Rüegger alias Olive Michel is a visual artist, a researcher, a writer and a care taker. Lives and loves as a pseudonym in the sound performances, created with Fred Hystère. Based in places that allow for social change and different feminist futures. Olive’s work addresses and takes place in friendships, active in the field of associative language, the lives of performers and terms as politics of oral, informal and embodied making of a history of rhythms and unlearning rhythms.

Nathan Gray’s interest in experimental and improvised music is in the restrictions and rules within which improvisation happens. He uses brevity, precision and humour as artistic strategies to highlight the unspoken conventions of form and to open possibilities within the restricted materiality of the everyday. Gray’s works take common restrictions as their starting point: curatorial briefs, self-imposed and group negotiated rules, as well as the various physical, legal, economic and material restrictions of exhibition, performance and contemporary life. He explores constraints in order to stimulate a variety of effects on the content, structure and narrative of his works thereby making visible, audible or sensible hidden rules and conventions.


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